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Collection: Scarves

Each handwoven object has a story, and came to be as a result of many humans earning a liveable wage (Sheep Farmer in Australia / New Zealand, Wool Mill in Ontario / UK & Hand Dyer in Edmonton). Scarves are handwoven on a 16 inch rigid heddle loom (Alice the Ashford) by a human (me, Angela) after the yarn was hand dyed by me. Wraps are handwoven on a 30 inch rigid heddle loom (Freddy the Flip). Much thought went into which yarns to use and how. The weaving bit takes about 2.5 - 5 hours, and the dyeing takes about 2 hours (not including drying).

I tell you this story because we are so used to fast fashion and a much lower price point. This is part description, part slow fashion manifesto. The sticker price might be a bit of a shock. However, the (shockingly) lower prices we have become accustomed to reflect an unsustainable system - mass production using cheap materials in countries that do not pay a living wage or provide labour security. This is not fast fashion. This scarf is an investment. It is a one-of-a-kind handmade piece, not destined to be discarded after a season. It is meant to be worn, loved, cared for, maybe shared, eventually passed down/on with many happy memories attached. This is what supporting local looks like. It requires a bit of a mental tweak, but heed this: less is more. 

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