It all started with two frying pans, a basement bathroom studio, and a quest for quality yarns and variegated colourways. 

Neatnik Yarns

You dye yarn now?

Like many Angela, the human behind Neatnik Yarns, found her way to the fibre arts through a circuitous path. Growing up, she dabbled in knitting, but never got beyond the beginner scarf phase. Later in life, as a mom to two young boys, and desperate for something to do while watching Disney movies for the 100th time, she discovered crochet.

In 2018 she happened to take a yarn dyeing class with established fibre artist Holly Aamot of False Holly Atelier and instantly fell in love with the process. Always one to search out the elusive bright, variegated colourways in local yarn shops, she immediately started playing with vibrant colours and creating variegated colourways of her own.

Although she is a lawyer by training, circumstances conspired to give Angela a break from professional life in the spring of 2018. She saw this as an opportunity to start Neatnik Yarns. Happy with her efforts, Angela started selling her yarn at the fall of 2018 and opened her Etsy shop in November of 2018. A website quickly followed.

Since 2018 Angela has been on a fantastical fibre adventure. Her spinning wheel arrived right as the pandemic hit in March of 2020, giving her time to play and hone her skills creating art yarn. By the fall of 2020 she was selling hand dyed fibre for spinning and creating circular wall art as a way to channel her love for her colourful and chunky art yarn. In December 2020 she bought her first rigid heddle loom. And that was it. 

Since discovering weaving, Angela has expanded her yarn bases to include cotton and non-superwash bases, and in 2021 she discovered an obsession with houndstooth scarves. Angela now also sells her hand dyed, handwoven scarves and wonders what her next fibre adventure will be.

What sets Neatnik Yarns apart

Neatnik Yarns is all about colour and quality, especially bright variegated colourways on soft, chunky yarn. Angela's process involves dyeing yarn in micro batches, in such a way as to layer colours on top of each other. It is more time consuming than the usual method of using one application of dye, but it provides that depth of colour that Neatnik Yarns is sought out for.

About my scarves and wraps

Each handwoven object has a story, and came to be as a result of many humans earning a liveable wage (Sheep Farmer in Australia / New Zealand, Wool Mill in Ontario / UK & Hand Dyer in Edmonton). Scarves are handwoven on a 16 inch rigid heddle loom (Alice the Ashford) by a human (me, Angela) after the yarn was hand dyed by me. Wraps are handwoven on a 30 inch rigid heddle loom (Freddy the Flip). Much thought went into which yarns to use and how. The weaving bit takes about 3 - 6 hours, and the dyeing takes about 2 hours (not including drying).

I say this because we are so used to fast fashion and a much lower price point that my prices might be a bit of a shock. However, the (shockingly) lower prices we have become accustomed to reflect an unsustainable system - mass production using cheap materials in countries that do not pay a living wage or provide labour security. This is not fast fashion. My handwoven scarves & wraps are an investment - a one-of-a-kind handmade piece, not destined to be discarded after a season. It is meant to be worn, loved, cared for, maybe shared, eventually passed down/on with many happy memories attached. This is what supporting local looks like. It requires a bit of a mental tweak, but heed this: less is more.

What customers are saying about Neatnik Yarns:

"So pretty, these are such. beautiful. colors. Angela has such a knack for color combinations and has some of the most amazing bases, like this one [Tiger Lily Girl]. A favorite shop and seller, always a great experience!”

“Pluscious!! Incredible jumbo skeins, sooo thick and puffy and soft. Have never found the like here, this weight and yardage, so colourful. Fall in Love colourway looks amazing. Thank you!"

"Absolutely stunning!!!! The skeins are shipped vacuum sealed so as soon as you open the package they poof up!! The colors are true to pictures shown!! I love these!! Definitely will be a return customer!!”