Neatnik Yarns

Wintersleep Houndstooth Handwoven Scarf


This listing is for one gorgeous handwoven scarf made with Neatnik Yarns hand dyed untreated wool and zebra yarn (calm down - no zebras were harmed! This term refers to the black fibre that is used along with the white).

Scarf specs:

Length: 72 inches / 183 cm

Width: 9 inches / 23 cm

Weight: 6.7 oz / 190 grams

Fibre content:

  • 100% untreated DK weight Zebra Merino wool (Colourway: Sea Change)
  • Spiral-plied super bulky untreated wool (99%) / nylon (1%) blend (Colourway: Wintersleep)

Care instructions

This scarf will felt if washed in a washing machine and/or dryed in a dryer (if it is subject to heat and agitation), so keep it gentle: hand wash gently in cold water (using a wool soak ideally) and lay flat to dry. 

If little balls (also called "pills") start to develop, use a sweater razor to remove them or take it to the dry cleaner.