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How to Use Slub Yarn

How to Use Slub Yarn

This yarn is so. Incredibly. Fun. One ply of sproingy superwash merino wool is spiral-plied with one ply of nylon to create a gorgeous, textured yarn with fun little fuzzy bits. The fuzzy bits - or SLUBS - give the yarn a thick and thin effect that is very striking.

What the heck do you do with it in knitting, crochet or weaving? The answer, my friends, is simple - double-strand it. Don’t overthink it. Seriously, sometimes it’s just that easy.

Use it to add subtle colour pops like in this stunning bulky hat (thank you jpknits!), made using a white super bulky yarn, double-stranded with my fingering weight Slub Merino (colourway: Fairy Baby):

When you pair the slub yarn with a much bulkier yarn, the slub provides subtle colour pop, compared to when you double strand with a similarly weighted yarn, where it creates quite a gorgeous, more consistent texture, as you can see from my happy little scarf (for more on this scarf, take a look at my previous post):

The other thing to know is that if your pattern calls for DK, or double knit yarn, you can make a similarly weighted yarn by combining or double stranding two fingering or sock weight yarns. That’s where the term DK originated - double, or two strands 🧠 💥

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