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Shawl Pin / Crochet Hook / Vintage Brooch Update

Shawl Pin / Crochet Hook / Vintage Brooch Update

I like beautiful things. Sometimes, I buy them impulsively, in larger quantities than needed. Except for the River John crochet hooks - those I wanted to carry, but are no longer available for wholesale purchase. It's a pity, because they are made with birchwood, in Nova Scotia, and they are so smooth.

The sandalwood shawl / hair pins are from afar, and when I couldn't decide on just one, well, I bought all of them. Some would consider this a problem. I see it as a sharing opportunity.

The vintage brooches are selected by me (did you know I'm also an expert vintage brooch sniffer?!?) because of their beauty. To be saved. And worn. And treasured.

Because sharing is caring. Check it out - Hooks & Pins.